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Jeez Luweez Band

      Cass Postek (drums/vocals/composer) and Debbie Ritch (Lead Guitar/Producer/recording engineer) are quite the dynamic duo, working together for over a decade. They met in 1997 when Deb joined Cass in the "And Sometimes Y" band. A little while later, the two formed a band called "Ethyl". Both bands enjoyed a great following and public notoriety.

      Cass and Debbie decided to form Jeez Luweez in 2002. Tagged as "The chick rock band that will take you by storm," they certainly live up to that. Jeez Luweez performs some of the great rock classics including Zeppelin, Joplin, Heart and Hendrix with a mix of dance tunes and original music that has been reviewed as "catchy,hard-driving, and whose original music is on the brink." Clips of these songs have been heard on AM radio on the Tom Bauerly show.

     These girls have performed live on Cable television, as well as the area casinos, Taste of Buffalo, Buffalo Sabres Rally, Canal Fest, Buffalo Blues Fest, Buffalo Bills Tailgate Party and numerous clubs in and around western and upstate New York. They have opened up for guitarist Joanna Connor.


Looking for lots of fun and great tunes? This band is a must see!!

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